Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wish For Today

Okay, so I really. really wish I was Jason Bourne. I mean, not literally, I don't want to be a boy, but I would really like to be a secret agent right about now. I'm pretty sure that's impossible because my poker face stinks and I think you need extensive knowledge on foreign languages and butt kicking to be a spy, but a girl can dream, can't she? 

I think it all began when I was six years old. I have multiple journal entries chronicling my adventures being a 'sby'. And from there, my life has been a little bit incomplete because I'm not in the CIA. 

I'm not going to lie to you, to this day I still pretend I'm an agent of some secret organization, engaging in clandestine operations and hiding my true intent from everyone around me. 

I would look just like that girl over there on the left (except blonde, and a litttle less slinky) and I would be the lady who no one suspected of anything nefarious. Meanwhile, as they were thinking I was a harmless girl, I would have intersected crucial information and memorized the placement of every single item in the room and where their incriminating evidence was hidden. That type of spy.

I actually checked out the CIA website, and aside from realizing fully the fact that I am missing multiple important credentials, I was really hit with the realization you would actually have to kill people. That's not really something I am prepared to do. Let's ignore the fact that you have to be scary book smart and um... risk dying, the important thing keeping me from my dream job is that I don't want to have to whack people off.  

Therefore I've come to the firm conclusion that before I die, I will write a story about a girl who is in the CIA and live vicariously through her. I've found that one of the most prevalent themes in my stories are spies, intrigue, and probably a girl falling in love with a man who is intriguing and a spy, I guess it's kind of an obvious course for me.


Anonymous said...

I always wanted to be a spy, too. Let's join forces and live vicariously through spy-characters we write. :D

I think writers have the best lives. They get to live through their characters, and they can make their characters do ANYTHING. There are no limits.


P.S. I'm probably going to blog-stalk you.

Margaret said...

I agree, writers live the most interesting lives because they aren't weighed down by the bounds of reality. It's the best way to go!

Thanks, it's an honor to be blog-stalked! :) I'm still new to the whole blogging thing but I'm learning!

Anonymous said...

Spies are wonderfully cool! But, yes, the killing thing is kind of not so fun in the real world. That's why we have fiction! :D Great first post. I'm eager to read more of your blog.