Monday, June 13, 2011

Laughter Is The Best Medicine. Really, It Is.

I have watched this, oh about... twenty times, and each time I laugh so hard I'm almost crying. I want to be like these people when I'm 80. Seriously, how cute are they?

And when I thought it couldn't get ANY cuter, I saw this in the suggestions at the end of the video:

Just what I needed to lighten my outlook after a long Monday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

As I Live Now.

My sister is getting married on August 26th, and I'm a bridesmaid. She still hasn't picked a color. Two and a half months and I still don't know what color dress to look for. Can you tell I'm rolling my eyes as I write this?

Two months may seem like plenty of time to you, but to me, it's terribly last minute. She's bouncing back and forth between black and tan, and I'm crossing my fingers and praying my heart out that she doesn't pick tan because I look pale as a sheet in tan. Plus, who sells fancy dresses in tan? No one, that's who. Black is good, I'm comfortable in black. 

In my dreams I would look like this:

But since I know I'm not Bar (and that dress is a tad trampy for a wedding. Or... the general public) I'm thinking of going with something like this:

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this dress. IT IS SO PRETTY! The way it's draped... the length.. ah! Doesn't just looking at it make you all tingly inside? Okay, maybe it's just me. 

But, since I don't have the shoulders for a strapless gown (not trying to be self deprecating, I just know what my body isn't made for), I want to have straps like these added. 

Sandra Dee. My inspiration for life. Embarrassing fact: In high school I had a collage of photos of her on my binder.

The only problems are 1.The dress is $230. Way too much for this 'frugal' Swede, and 2. My sister's wedding dress has the same kind of sheer lace shoulders so I don't want to be too matchy-matchy with the bride...

What I will do, we shall see! Ah, the perils of being a bridesmaid!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Today's challenge was to name your favorite brush, and since I don't brush my hair (I use a comb) I'm going to tell you about the best makeup brush ever.

Behold, the bareMinerals Kabuki brush. I bought the bareMinerals makeup that it came with a few years ago and it totally gave me acne, but it was really worth it because I got these awesome makeup brushes. I don't know what they are made of but they feel like such nice quality. I used to buy cheap makeup brushes that were kind of rough on my cheeks but this brush feels so soft. It gives you just the right amount of makeup unlike other brushes that give you one concentrated swipe of makeup and then soak up the rest of the powder forever. I wash it about once a month (way less often than you're supposed to, but hey, I've survived!) and in the roughly five years I've had it, it still works just like new. Yep, so worth the price and the acne! :)